The Institute for Teaching is a specialist graduate school for teachers. Our courses have a single purpose - to help teachers to keep getting better. 

Having an expert teacher in every classroom is the best way to make sure that every pupil, regardless of their background, gets a great education. 

But teaching is complex – becoming an expert isn’t easy. To improve teaching we must improve the training teachers get. Teachers deserve as much effort to go into their training as they put into their teaching.

That’s why we are doing things differently. Re-thinking teacher education and providing a progression pathway to expertise that is taught by a faculty of expert teacher educators.

Our Updates

"Unlike other professions, teachers are expected to meet the same standards no matter how long they've been working." If we improve teacher development our teachers will not only be more expert, they’ll be happier and want to stay in their jobs for longer!

Looking for something to keep your brain whirring over the holidays? Have a look at our Summer Reading List - we've shared a few titles that have influenced our thinking, including "Peak - Secrets from the New Science of Expertise"

This summer we're looking back at our favourite blogs of the last year, starting with these thoughts from @HFletcherWood: "1. People forget things. 2. Some people won't tell you if they're confused... Why do we forget this when we work with adults?"

We’re making progress but more to do to improve retention. The Economist | In, out, in, out