Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching have merged to become a new organisation dedicated to supporting teachers and school leaders to keep getting better. We will launch the new organisation in spring 2019. 

Why we’re merging 

Educators deserve the best professional development, and this means we need to merge leadership and teaching CPD.

It’s clear we need to invest in improving teacher expertise: the evidence shows that no other attribute of schools has as much influence on pupil achievement.

But great teaching alone, without great school leadership, won’t make it. Support from school and system leaders is essential to improving the impact of professional development, which is one of the main drivers for improvements in teaching expertise.

It’s because of this powerful connection that we’ve decided to merge our two organisations: having teaching in one organisation and school leadership in another just doesn’t make sense. 

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t do as well at school and we are working to change that. Through our programmes, we want to ensure there are expert teachers in every classroom being led by exceptional school leaders at all levels. 

What the new organisation will do 

Our new organisation, which we’ll launch in 2019, will have a single focus: to help teachers, school leaders and system leaders to keep getting better. We think that this is the best way to make sure that every pupil, regardless of their background, gets a great education. 

Some things won’t change – through our programmes we’ll still be working in schools serving low-income communities. But together, we’ll be able to connect our work and create a coherent suite of career pathways for everyone in our system. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and our programmes, all of which are informed by the latest evidence, our experience and the work of great teachers and school leaders. We’re also fascinated with learning and we continually adapt our programmes so that they have the biggest impact.

New appointments

We believe that people hold the key to effecting real change in education – both the talented educators who join our programmes, and our close-knit community of ambitious and dedicated staff.

We are delighted that former National Schools Commissioner Sir David Carter has joined the merged organisation as Executive Director of System Leadership. He is leading our suite of Executive Programmes, which support executive heads, CEOs and governors to keep getting better.

We are also pleased to announce that Jennifer Barker will be joining the organisation as the new Dean of Learning Design whilst Tom Rees will be our new Executive Director of School Leadership. 


To find out more about the merger, new appointments, and our programmes please get in touch.