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We’re opening a new higher education institution with a mission to train and develop expert teachers who work where they are needed most.

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14/09/2017 Update: IfT launches Transforming Teaching programme

Transforming Teaching is a whole school programme for improving teaching, retention and career progression. It is based on robust evidence; sustained over time; and delivered by expert teacher educators in schools where the need is greatest.

The programme is supported and funded by The Department for Education.

We work with teachers, leaders of teacher development and schools leaders to build and deliver a programme that, as well as delivering real outcomes for pupils, brings real value to teachers and their careers. The programme provides ongoing, bespoke support and training from our faculty of expert teacher educators over a 2-3 year period, and engages with staff at all levels to enact long lasting, sustainable change and impact in their school.

More information on Transforming Teaching will be available following our official launch in October.

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Fellow - expert teaching

The IfT Fellow will join a small but growing faculty of informed and intentional teacher educators. Working closely with our school partners, we will leverage the best available evidence alongside our network of global experts to design, deliver and continually improve a globally recognised, practice-based Masters in Expert Teaching programme. The deadline for applying is 5pm on Sunday 8th October. You can see the full job pack here.

Design Manager

The Design Manager will be responsible for contributing to the design and development of pioneering teacher development programmes at all levels to transform teaching. They will be expected to liaise with a number of key stakeholders in order to produce outstanding and innovative training modules and e-learning that drives teacher and teacher educator development. Within the role candidates will be accountable for the effectiveness of the design and delivery of the training curricula as well as the ongoing evaluation of all aspects of the training. The deadline for applying is 5pm on Sunday 8th October.You can see the full job pack here


The Course Talent Lead will be responsible for sourcing high potential teachers and leaders of teacher development to the IfT’s Masters in Expert Teaching and Fellowship in Teacher Education courses. They will establish brand recognition and course awareness across the North-West, the Midlands, London and the South and use it to build a talent pipeline capable of meeting the IfT’s growth targets. The deadline for applying is 5pm on Sunday 15th October. You can see the full job pack here.


The Communications Officer will be responsible for ensuring the effective planning and delivery of high quality, creative and surprising integrated communications to a range of stakeholders. The deadline for applying is 5pm on Sunday 22nd October.You can see the full job pack here

personal assistant

The Personal Assistant will work closely with the IfT director to manage his diary; support the Executive Team with administrative and project work; set up and maintain procedures / processes during this early phase for the team; and support the IfT team with the delivery of its programmes during busy periods. The deadline for applying is 5pm on Sunday 15th October. You can see the full job pack here.