Transforming Teaching



Start Date

May 2019


Whole school


Varies - see below

Course Leader

Genevieve Field


1 - 2 Years



Application Window

Open (rolling)


Transforming Teaching is a whole school programme for improving teaching, retention and career progression. It is based on robust evidence, sustained over time, and delivered by expert teacher educators in schools where the need is greatest.

We work with teachers, teacher educators and school leaders to build and deliver a programme that, as well as delivering real outcomes for pupils, brings real value to teachers and their careers. The programme provides ongoing, bespoke support and training from our faculty of expert teacher educators over a two or three year period, and engages with staff at all levels to enact long-lasting, sustainable change and impact in their school.

Programme outcomes

Over the course of this programme, all members of the schools’ teaching staff will have had access to high-quality training aimed at ensuring their teaching is grounded in deliberate, evidence-based pedagogy.

A number of these staff will have had an opportunity to co-lead aspects of the training. These staff will have received additional development around the delivery of teacher education and be positioned to implement robust, sustainable school-wide plans for the improvement of teaching and learning.

Some members of teaching staff may have progressed onto our Masters in Expert Teaching and Fellowship in Teacher Education courses.

The programme aims to leave schools with sustainable, measurable improvements in their teaching and learning, staff retention (particularly of important colleagues with leadership potential), succession planning, and whole-school training and development.

Who should do this programme?

This course is aimed at priority schools (primary and secondary schools with Ofsted category 3 or 4) and schools within priority areas (Department for Education category 5 or 6).

This programme is for your school if it has:

  • A particular focus on furthering the effectiveness and consistency of your teaching and learning.

  • A specific focus on improving the retention of teaching staff, or improving the development offer to improve recruitment prospects.

  • Been able to demonstrate measurable action and improvement in areas such as teaching and learning, leadership effectiveness, or teacher training and development.

Course structure

The initial school commitment to Transforming Teaching is one year, although ongoing collaboration may be required to reach a school’s targets in a sustainable way.

Outlined below is a typical delivery structure, although in practice each implementation of Transforming Teaching is closely tailored to the needs of the school and will look different.

Phase One:

School Leaders

  • Initial diagnostic and course design work, and subsequent joint termly diagnostics and follow-up;
  • Bi-annual conference day;
  • Monthly co-development and delivery of a teaching improvement plan;
  • Half-termly review meetings;

Teacher Educators

  • Group sessions focussed on exposition, modelling and deliberate practice of effective teacher development;
  • Co-planning and co-delivery of professional development for high potential teachers;
  • Instructional coaching from our faculty;
  • Coaching and collaboration from faculty with their individual teacher development responsibilities in their school;


  • Fortnightly professional development focussed on exposition, modelling and deliberate practice of effective teaching methods;
  • Co-planning to integrate effective teaching methods into lessons;
  • Fortnightly instructional coaching of teaching;
  • Professional development sessions aligned to whole school teaching and learning priorities;

Phase Two:

School Leaders

  • Continued support from our faculty to ensure you can effect change in your school, ensure your work is aligned with school wide approaches and policies and evaluate your work to understand its impact.

Teacher Educators


Joining the programme

Interested schools should click through at either the top or bottom of this page to register their interest.

Our Partnership Team will be in touch to arrange an introductory call to find out more about your school and to check its eligibility, and to answer any questions that you may have.

School criteria

Schools should meet one or both of criteria 1 and 2 and all remaining criteria.

1. The school is in a priority area where the Institute for Teaching currently operates. Register your interest if you are unsure if this applies to your school.

2.  The school is rated either ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ by Ofsted.

3. That the school’s leadership show a strong awareness of their current strengths and areas for development.

4. That the school’s Trust is supportive of the programme, where applicable.

Programme fees

The cost of the programme varies depending on your school’s location and Ofsted category. To find out the exact cost for your school, please contact us.

Register your interest

We are currently welcoming interest from eligible schools for a May 2019 start on the programme.

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