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Research shows that teachers improve more slowly after their first few years of teaching.
Our Masters in Expert Teaching helps you to change that.

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6 focused modules

Our evidence-informed modules each tackle a key challenge teachers face in the classroom every day.

We assess throughout the course, so you can put learning into practice straight away, and continue to focus on classroom activities and developing pupils.

1. How do you make learning stick?

How to help pupils build lasting and automatic understanding.

2. What does effective assessment look like?

Developing useful and sustainable assessment practices.

3. How do you best focus pupils’ thinking?

Ensuring pupils focus their attention on the right things.

4. What techniques help teach new ideas?

How to help pupils rapidly understand complex or abstract concepts.

5. What are the best ways to keep pupils motivated?

Providing pupils with effective strategies for revising or practising new learning in lessons.

6. How can teachers build a deeper understanding?

Helping pupils to develop deep connected knowledge they can apply to novel or unfamiliar examples.

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Masters in Expert Teaching

For teachers with two or more years’ experience, this practice-based course is rigorously focused on helping teachers to keep getting better – to transform the lives of disadvantaged children.

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